Southampton Neighborhood Association

Established March 22, 1903

General Meetings

Southampton Neighborhood Association membership meetings (known as General Meetings) are held every other month.  The meeting date is determined by the SNA by-laws that state Regular meetings of the Association shall be held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each odd numbered month.   Events will contain the dates for these meetings with additional details.

These meetings are open to members who vote on matters before the Association.  These matters can include supporting local business licenses and business changes--like excise licensing for liquor sales or expansion of businesses.  The Association also is involved in shaping local policies, in resolving disputes, and generally making a more pleasant neighborhood in which to work and to live and to play.  Our elected alder is an honorary member of the Association and makes a presentation about legislative matters coming before the Board of Aldermen and answering questions from members. Board resolutions and actions are submitted to the members who vote to support or to oppose. Committee reports are made. 

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