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Established March 22, 1903

Marie's (Wherry) Wedge

Marie's Wedge (known by the City as Wherry Wedge) is the island bounded by Wherry, Itaska, and January and is space owned by the City of St. Louis.  Notice the green bench with the plaque set in concrete at the base of the bench.  Marie Robinson was serving as the unpaid volunteer and elected  President of the Southampton Neighborhood Association in 2009 when, at the age of 33, she suffered a heart attack and passed.  Left behind were a loving husband, Chris, and an adorable three year old son, Charles, who have since moved from the area. 

In the early spring of 2018, sidewalks were added on the south and west edges of this island, causing considerable damage.  A new design was developed and approved by the Association.  A multi-year renovation will begin in the fall of 2018.
The three trees are Hackberry, Redbud, and American Elm.  A rain garden occupies the north point of the island and handles storm water drainage from January.  The beauty of the plantings in this area is quiet with spring and late summer blooms.  

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Neosho Wedge

Immediately to the north of Marie's Wedge is another of the Southampton wedges.  For several years it has been lovingly maintained by nearby neighbors, Mark and Linda.  While not under the Landscaping Committee, this lovely area is a treat in the spring when the Saucer Magnolia and Flowering Dogwood come into bloom.
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