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Established March 22, 1903

From the President....

Thank you for spending some time on our website! Your interest is much appreciated.  As a resident of Southampton (SOHA) since the Fall of 1992, I continue to thoroughly enjoy this neighborhood. What first attracted me was the seniors who walked the sidewalks at dusk; the folks with low vision who walked by; and the runners, joggers and dog-walkers who were out at all times. Then I looked at the great architectural diversity and was totally hooked. The purchase of a Southampton home soon followed.  And did anyone ever tell you just how amazing the SOHA neighbors are?  

The gal who lived across the street from me reached 100; her SOHA house was purchased brand-new in the 1930's and she lived there for her entire life. And up the street was another gal...same story. These seniors were out and about in our neighborhood for decades and are still remembered by neighbors.

And today, young people and families are welcomed into Southampton to join their memories with the ones that have been around since the 1930's. It is the sort of continuity that is unexpected in an densely populated urban neighborhood.  Whatever your age...whether owner or tenant...welcome to Southampton.  


Donna Agah
Southampton Neighborhood Association

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