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Street Wise in Southampton (MO)

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking places are marked with blue signs featuring the universal handicapped symbol. Vehicles without appropriate plates or placards parking in handicapped parking places on the streets or parking lots may be ticketed with a fine of $50 - $200.  Need handicapped parking on the street?   Call (314) 622-3686 or TTY Phone: (314) 622-3693.  Find the application here.

Street Cleaning/Leaf Pickup

The City of St Louis has one of the most robust street cleaning programs in the United States.  Here in Southampton our streets are cleaned monthly over two days. Signs are posted on each side of our streets near to intersections. The signs have "Last Monday" or "Last Tuesday" and the hours when the cleaning will take place.  There are two street cleaning routes in Southampton--Route 13 in the south and Route 14 in the north (that also extends across Chippewa). Route 13 is cleaned from 8:30am to noon; Route 14 is cleaned from noon to 3:30pm. During the cleaning times, that side of the street should not contain vehicles. If your side is the Last Monday, then park on the Last Tuesday side and reverse this on the Last Tuesday. Don't move your vehicle until the time has expired. Vehicles are subject to fines for the entire time-frame, even if the cleaning has been completed. If you want reminders, these are posted on the Nextdoor app for Southampton neighbors only. From November 1 through December 31, street cleaning days are combined with leaf pickup--another challenging time in Southampton.

General Parking Regulations

Parking on City Streets is Prohibited:  

  1. Within 10 feet of a US mailbox.
  2. Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  3. Within 30 feet of the approach to any traffic control signal, stop sign or yield unless otherwise posted.
  4. Where the curb or edge of roadway is marked with yellow paint.
  5. In any alley except while loading or unloading materials--not to exceed 15 minutes provided 10 feet of the width is available for vehicular traffic.
  6. In a posted fire lane.
  7. On any vacant lot.
  8. In front of a public or private driveway or within 5 feet of the rounding of a driveway, alley or private street.
  9. Prohibited when done to display a vehicle for sale; to repair/grease except in an emergency; to display merchandise for sale or advertising purposes.

Parking for Trucks, Buses and Recreational Vehicles (RV's)

Commercial trucks and buses are not allowed to park upon any public street where the abutting land is zoned for residential.  This does not apply to any pickup truck, tractor or truck that is rendering service or loading or unloading materials.  RV's over 24 feet in length may not park on residential streets between 2 AM and 7 AM and in the remaining hours only for 30 minutes.  Tractors, trailers, or homemade trailers, coupled or uncoupled cannot be parked or stored on any public street or alley in a residential area.  Uncoupled trailers or homemade trailers cannot be parked or stored on any public street or alley.


Potholes are an inevitable side effect of St Louis' fluctuating temperatures, particularly in the spring.  When  you discover a pothole, note the hundred block and street (or intersection) and report so crews can respond   quickly to patch them.  Here are the ways to report.

Snow Routes

 The City has a tiered response to ice and snow conditions on the streets.  A number of streets in the city are snow routes, designated by blue signs featuring a snowman.  These streets are plowed first because they link the city's police, fire and emergency services.  Find a Snow Route Map and other details here.

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