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Citizens' Service Bureau (CSB)

City Service Requests

The City of St Louis created the Citizens' Service Bureau (CSB) to register and route service requests and to answer requests for information. Only requests sent through the CSB provide statistics needed by City departments to assist in staffing and in budget requests.

Have the following information handy before making the report

  1. the exact street address where the problem is occurring,
  2. the intersection if it is a traffic problem,
  3. an accurate description of what you have observed,
  4. some requests will prompt for additional questions before the request can be submitted.

Contact CSB during normal hours:

  • Online: Use the Request a City Service web-based form.
  • Smartphones/Tablets:  Use free slmpd mobile app; select Citizens Service Bureau on home page of app.
  • By Phone: Call 314-622-4800 Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.  (Note:  Wait times can be lengthy.)
  • By Fax: Fax all information required to 314-622-4310.
  • Using Twitter: Tweet ( using the handle "@stlcsb".
  • By e-mail: send an e-mail to

Photos and other documentation can be sent with the report when using online, smartphones/tablets; twitter; and email.

Keep the report number (from the return screen or in an email message) so you can Check Status on this report. If you need to expedite the handling of the issue, the report number will be needed.

After Hours 

An emergency response from city departments may be needed outside of normal CSB hours (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm):

 Type of Emergency  
 Water Running Down Street/Alley
 Traffic Light Out 314-647-3111
 Animal Bite 314-231-1212
 Block of Street Lights Out 314-647-3111
 Trees Down in Street 314-647-3111

NOTE:  If power lines are down, gas smell is detected, etc. contact utilities.

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