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Established March 22, 1903

Sidewalks and Lawns


Property owners are responsible for the cleanliness of the sidewalks next to their buildings--including keeping a path free from snow and ice. The City of St. Louis offers owners a cost sharing option through the 50/50 sidewalk program. If your property is eligible and you agree to participate, the City will split the cost of sidewalk repair with you.  

City Lawn Area

The grassy area between the street curb and the sidewalk is known as the tree lawn space.  The City maintains the trees in this space--and will plant new trees as necessary.  Mowing, watering and maintaining from the street side to the alley side is the responsibility of the property owner.  Grass or weeds must be kept to 6 inches or less; the space must be free of litter and debris.

Leaf Pick Up

As of 2018, the City still picks up leaves on the street side of SOHA residences. The pickup occurs on street cleaning days--in SOHA this is the last Monday and last Tuesday of the month--during November and December. Residential yard waste can be dropped off once a month.  Find out the details of Leaf Clean Up and Removal.

Material Storage

Residential owners are not allowed to store any materials out of doors such as lumber, bricks or metal objects.

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