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Guidelines for Our Companions

St Louis is known as a "rescue town" because our residents absorb rescued animals (some from quite dire circumstances like hoarding or illegal dog fighting).  Southampton is no exception.  Dogs are walked on our sidewalks at any time of the day or night.  Yard dogs are plentiful.  Cats are favorite pets too.  Exotic birds are around--if you ever meet Harry, listen to his favorite mimicry because it's contagious.  Let's not forget rabbits--not the thin wild kind, but the plump "all sorts of different colors" kind.  A short recap is offered below with the details found here.

Pet Limit

Go over a total of 4 (number includes kittens and puppies) and you will need a kennel permit.

Animal Cruelty/Abuse/Neglect/Bites/Aggressive Behavior

If you see abuse or believe that an animal is being abused/neglected, contact the Citizens' Service Bureau by phone at (314) 622-4800, via Twitter at @stlcsb, or on-line. Follow this process M-F, 8AM to 5PM.

For cases that occur after regular business hours, please contact the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at either 9-1-1 or (314) 231-1212, depending the situation.

Report bites immediately. Also report any aggressive or threatening behavior by any animal within the City.


Rabies is a serious health risk for animals and for humans.  It is the only vaccination required by the City and it covers any dog, puppy, cat or kitten in or around their home, place of business or other premises within the City.  Keep in mind that raccoons are very susceptible to rabies and may enter yards occupied by your companions.  One is also required to register these companions with the City. 


Unleash your dogs at a City-designated dog exercise part.  The closest dog park is the SW City Dog Park located within walking distance at Wilmore Park.  This park is open 10 months, starting June 1st.  The Southampton Neighborhood Association assisted in the creation of the dog park volunteer group and in recognition a $10 discount is offered to current SNA members. Pets must be leashed and securely held by a responsible person whenever they are off the owner's property. 

Ew--What Was That Smell?

Now for a slightly unpleasant paragraph about pet feces.  If your pets are kept in the yard, regular clean-up is very important.  Vermin--like rats--are attracted to yards laden with pet feces.  During hot weather, the unpleasant odor will waft to your neighbors' yards preventing them from enjoying their outdoor space.  Feces can be a disease carrier--and this applies to all feces so use a plastic bag for even vaccinated pets and house-only pets like birds and other small mammals.  Dispose of in plastic bags; tie the bags shut (to contain the odor to lower the risk of attracting vermin) and dispose of in normal trash--not Yard Waste (green) or Recycling (blue).  When walking a pet, take plastic bags and remove the waste properly during the walk.  Dispose of in the waste containers--or at home.  Improper disposal can result in a City fine.


If your dog(s) sleep inside and are let out in the morning, be aware that night wanderers will unlatch gates and the next thing you know your lovable family pet is on a walkabout (sometimes a frantic runabout).  A family pet that is terrified and not well socialized with humans and with other dogs can make unprovoked attacks on other pets and sometimes on the shocked humans.  Do your best to secure your yard so your companions don't go on walkabouts.

If Your Pet Is Lost or If You Have Found a Pet

This is always a scary situation when your pet has been lost.  The first tip is to stay as calm as possible--and pet lovers know how hard that will be. Fast action is important.  

Act immediately. Most are found in the first 12 hours.  Look close to home.  Talk to your immediate neighbors. Walk the neighborhood. Tell the mailman.  Tell delivery people.  Show a picture.  Still no result?  Look far from home by extending your search range. File a report with police.  Post lost pet signs in a 10-mile radius.  Gather together a color photo; ID marks (leave one out so caller can tell you).  Let folks know if there is a reward being offered.  Provide a phone number.

Search St Louis Lost Pets.  Submit an on-line report.  STL Lost Pets is a collaboration of the Animal Protective Association (APA), St Louis City Animal Care & Control, St Louis County Animal Care & Control, and the Humane Society of Missouri.  90% of lost, stray and unwanted pets in the St. Louis area end up at one of these three agencies.  If your pet is missing, there is a very good chance they could be at one of these shelters.  Make sure to search their database (updated hourly) for found dogs and found cats.  If you want to visit, start with the Humane Society of Missouri (314) 951-1562.

Other resources are Craigslist where lost pets as well as found pets are posted. File an on-line report with LostFoundPaws or 24 Pet Connect. Phone apps are also available.  In 2009 Kennelwood Pet Resort created the Mimi Alert Program--a free service that helps missing pets find their way home, and also helps people who might find a stray pet. Call the Pet Matchmaker at (314) 446-1011 for assistance. This free service allows St Louis area pet parents to submit a missing pet's information and photo.  This is then emailed to Kennelwood clients that live in the missing pet's zip codes and also posted on their Facebook page.

If you are a member of Nextdoor (a neighborhood social media platform), be sure to create a post with the widest possible distribution to nearby neighborhoods in the Lost & Found category. There are activists in these neighborhoods who will actively look for your lost pet.  You may even find that your pet has already been found.

For helpful information on what to do when your pet is lost or you have found a pet, Kennelwood Pet Resorts has a helpful resource page.

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