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Forestry Ordinance, Tree Inventory, and Tree Planting

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The City of St Louis Forestry Ordinance was passed on March 16, 2010.  The ordinance provides definitions of terms, administrative, regulatory and penalty provisions for the planting, maintenance, preservation and management of trees, shrubs, and plants in the City of St Louis (MO).  Of particular interest is the shared City and property owner maintenance of what is known as the City tree lawn space.  Trees planted in this space are the shared responsibility of City Forestry and the property owner.

The Master Street Tree Planting and Maintenance Plan includes an inventory of existing City trees.  This is only useful when viewed from a desktop/laptop.  Be very patient because it takes a while to load. Enter the street address in the address field.  This will place a marker on the map.  It can be tricky to locate your marker, so use the "+" and "-" buttons on the upper left as needed to size the map to find your address marker.  Generally the map centers on Columbia.  One method is to resize the map until one finds I70 and follow it east (to the right) until you find St Louis City.  Be prepared to be doing this without any trees (green circles) showing on the map.  Those green circles will appear so be patient.

The City Informational Bulletin lists common street trees used by the City of St. Louis Forestry Division.  General tree placement guidelines are included and as well as information about the Forestry Division's Street Tree Planting Program and how to request a street tree.   

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