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Voter Registration and Elections

Neighbors are encouraged to maintain their voter registration and to vote in all elections.  The Board of Election Commissioners is a state mandated agency that is responsible for the registration of voters and maintenance of voter registration records in the City.  Upcoming elections, sample ballots, election results, on-line registration checks, and all other information related to voting may be found here.  Or you may wish to call or visit.   

Board of Election Commissioners
300 North Tucker Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone (314) 622-4336
Fax (314) 622-3587

Where Do I Go to Vote?

Find your polling place by starting at the City address database and enter your City street address (no St or Ave or Pl, etc.) like this:  1520 Market.  Select Search.  The address of your voting (polling) place will be shown, hours to vote, if a Disabled entrance is available, etc.

Political Wards and City Elected Aldermen

Until after the 2020 census (and a planned reduction to 14 wards), the City is divided into 28 wards.  There is one Alderman elected in each ward who then serves on the Board of Aldermen (the City legislative body).  Wards and the aldermen are important in the functioning of the city, as the approval of the local Alderman is generally understood to be necessary before large projects may begin.  

The Southampton neighborhood has pieces of three wards--Ward 16 and Ward 14 generally divide along Macklind.  Ward 23 has a sliver of streets from January to Brannon.  Below are the current Ward Aldermen serving these areas of the Southampton neighborhood and a Southampton neighborhood map showing the ward lines.

Ward 14, Carol Howard
Ward 16, Tom Oldenburg 
Ward 23, Joe Vaccaro

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