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Established March 22, 1903

Structures & Utilities

Southampton is a neighborhood with architectural diversity.  The earliest remaining structure dates from 1892.  Some development occurred in the 1900's and 1910's but the big push came in the 1920's and the 1930's.  After World War II ended, there was an uptick in the 1940's and 1950's.  A large number of our structures are aging--making periodic maintenance important.

Maintenance of Structures

Regular checks of the structures head off problems so try and make this a regular part of your annual routine. Check the following areas annually:  exterior walls and foundations; exterior doors and windows; porches and steps; gutters and downspouts; chimneys; garages; roofs; fences (if present). Before beginning major repairs or renovations, check if a permit is required.

Address Numbers

Address numbers are required facing the street (home or business) as well as facing the alley (garage or carport). This is useful to emergency services.


Graffiti has a very negative impact on our neighborhood and business district.  It is important to remove.  Although the property owner is responsible for the removal, Brightside uses a grant from HUD and the St Louis Community Development Association to assist homeowners and businesses with the removal process free of charge.  Start here.  


Water/Refuse.  To apply for water/refuse, you must submit a signed application to the City Water Division.  Find that application here.  Refuse billing includes residential (not commercial) solid waste services (trash/refuse, yard waste and bulk waste pickup and disposal).  The City Collector of Revenue bills for water/refuse every 3 months.  For water service questions, you may call (314) 771-255; for refuse service questions, contact CSB.

Sewer.  The Metropolitan Sewer District is charged with the management and stormwater issues in all of the City of St. Louis and 80% of St Louis County.

GasSpire is a public utility engaged in the retail distribution of natural gas.  The company serves an area in eastern Missouri, with a population of approximately 2 million, including the City of St. Louis, St Louis County, and parts of eight other counties.

ElectricAmeren Missouri provides energy services to approximately 1.1 million customers across the eastern half of Missouri, including the greater St. Louis area.

Utility LocatorMissouri One Call System, Inc. (MOCS) serves as a single point of contact for location requests.

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