Southampton Neighborhood Association

Established March 22, 1903


Worried?  Anxious?  Is this urban environment getting you down?  Attend one of the six Safety Meetings held each year to get information about what volunteer neighbors are actively pursuing to make the neighborhood safer.  Crime prevention...traffic safety...sidewalk safety...alley and street lighting...dead trees and limbs blocking the light....and more.  

Learn about the important Block Watch/Block Contact program designed to build a web of social connections throughout Southampton.  The goal is to have interested neighbors in each hundred block of Southampton with Block Contacts being the "go to" people on their block handling everything from welcoming new neighbors to organizing alley cleanups to having block parties or other block events.  Drop by one of the neighborhood meetings to exchange advice and tips and widen your connections throughout SOHA.  

Guidance is provided by the SNA-member approved Safety Plan developed by SOHA neighbors using the Neighborhood Ownership Model.   

Police South Patrol & Districts

The lines for the current six districts were drawn in 2014 after almost 50 years without any changes.  The Southampton neighborhood was one of the few neighborhoods in St Louis that was split across two police districts.  Macklind Avenue where our bustling commercial area is enjoying robust growth divides the neighborhood roughly in half.  The half east of Macklind is now served by Police District 1 and the half west of Macklind is now served by Police District 2.

The two districts are co-located in the St Louis Police Department South Patrol, 3157 Sublette.  Captain Donnell Moore serves as Commander for District 1 and Captain Christi Marks serves as Commander for District 2.  Both commanders work to ensure seamless response for Southampton.

Real Time Crime Center

Part of the Southampton neighborhood is monitored by cameras fed to the City Police Department Headquarters in the downtown area.  On the top floor, the Real Time Crime Center

is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is an additional layer of protection to prevent crime and to apprehend criminals quickly.  The Association organizes an annual tour of the Center.

SLMPD Safety Reports

The following end-of-year crime reports for Southampton (MO) have been reproduced from the public records found on  The original record contains crime reports for all of the City of St Louis (MO) neighborhoods. The reports for Southampton are retained here for historic crime data specific to the neighborhood as well as a resource for the Safety Committee of the Association.

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