Neighborhood Safety

Neighborhood Safety Starts With All of Us

When it comes to neighborhood safety, we all play a part. From maintaining our properties to lighting our porch lights, there are simple things we can do that make a big difference.


Public Safety will be top priority for May association meeting.

Many residents have noticed an increase in reports of property crime and crime against persons in our neighborhood. Additional reports of suspected gunfire have also raised concern among many area residents. The association’s May General Meeting will focus primarily on Public Safety.  Representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Commanders from the SLMPD, and neighborhood leaders will discuss response and plans of action. Your attendance is vital as we work proactively to keep these reports from becoming the new “normal.” Please invite your neighbors and attend together.


Please join us for this important meeting on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at 7:00 pm in the theater of Southampton Church.

Did you know that many residents consider attending our meetings but do not want to go alone? Please invite your neighbors and consider forming a walking group or carpool to attend the meeting.