Southampton Neighborhood Association

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Why should I join? What kinds of things does the SNA do?

The SNA provides numerous activities and services for the neighborhood including:

  • Representation with city officials and other neighborhoods’ organizations.
  • Review of new area business activities.
  • Bi-monthly meetings providing key speakers, related channels of communication & event information.
  • Various local activities including a garden tour, progressive yard sale and National Night Out picnic.
  • Problem-solving support for various neighborhood situations.
  • Visibility and support for positive developments in Southampton.
  • Involvement with Block Captain and Neighborhood Watch programs.
  • Maintenance of a web site providing a wealth of related information.
  • A discount membership fee to the Dog Park in Wilmore Park.
  • Bi-monthly published newsletter.

Please accept this opportunity to support, maintain and improve the Southampton Neighborhood with your participation.

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Southampton Neighborhood Leaders:

Officers 2012 – 2014

  • President: Ron Coleman <>
  • Vice President: Jeremy Nolle <>
  • Treasurer: Matt Poldan <>
  • Secretary: Dennis Polley <>
  • Board Member at-large: Jeff Hutchings <>
  • Board Member at-large: Tina Siebert <>
  • Business District Liaison: Josh Dixon <>
  • Fundraising/Business Development Chair: Andrew O’Dell <>
  • Landscape/Gardening Chair: Michael Wohlstadter <>
  • Marketing Chair: Natalie Gensits <>
  • Membership Coordinator: Jeremy Nolle <>
  • Newsletter Editor: Patricia Swatek <>
  • Newsletter Layout/Graphic Designer: Jessica Wuller <>
  • Safety and Security Chair: Adam Wright <>
  • Social Chair: Eileen O’Connor <>
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Elizabeth Smith <>
  • Webmaster: Michael Wohlstadter <>
  • Dog Park Representative: Steve Salstrom <>

Contact Information:

Southampton Neighborhood Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 5183

St. Louis, MO 63139

Contact: Ron Coleman